Clubs and Cells

Grievance Redressal Cell

The students can submit their grievances in writing to the Grievance redressal cell through the Principal. The cell will meet as and when it is required and take suitable measures / soulutions for the grievances addressed to it.

  • Chairman : Rev. Dr. Sr. Gigimol M.G. (Principal)
  • Vice Chairman : Rev. Fr. Jose Joseph
  • Members
    • Rev.Dr. Shaji John
    • Rev. Dr. Sr. Regeenamma Joseph
    • Ms. Vimala Emmanuel
    • Lt. Anu Jose
Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee shall be headed by the Head of institutions and shall consist of representatives of faculty members,
civil administration, police administration, local media, NGOs,Parents, students belonging to the fresher’s category as well as seniors and non-teaching staff.

Members of the Anti-ragging Committee

  1. Rev.Dr.Sr. Gigimol M.G. (Principal)
  2. Rev. Fr. Jose Joseph (Co-ordinator)
  3. Prof.Dr. Celine Roy (Municipal Chair person)
  4. Sri. Babu Sebastian (Circle Inspector of Police, Pala)
  5. Sri. Sam K.J., Deepika, Pala
  6. Prof. Promod Joseph (P.T.A. President)
  7. Mrs. Dalia Zacharias (P.T.A. Representative)
  8. Prof. Vimala Emmanuel (Rep. of Teaching Staff)
  9. Lt. Anu Jose (NCC Co-ordinator)
  10. Kum. Anu Augustine (Rep. of Senior Students)
  11. Kum. Anns Thomas (Rep. of Senior students)
  12. Kum. Hridya Sojan (Rep. of freshers)
  13. Sri. Binu Joseph (Rep. of Non teaching Staff)
Anti-Ragging Squad & Monitoring Cell

Anti-Ragging Squad – should be nominated by the Head of the Institution with such representation as considered necessary to keep it mobile, alert and in patrolling function. The squad should make surprise raids in hostels and other hot spots and be empowered to inspect places of potential ragging. It should work under the overall guidance of the Anti-ragging committee.
Monitoring Cell – is mainly to oversee and involve senior students as Mentors for the ‘freshers’. This cell should be formed at the end of every academic year. There should be as many levels of tiers of Mentors as the number of batches in the institutions. The Anti-ragging squad and the Heads of institution should be involved in selecting the members of the cell.

Ethics Committee

As per G.O. No. A2. 7130 / 2009 dt. 29.09.09 a committee with the following members is formed to ensure ethics in the use of IT resources and conduct of cultural activities.

  • Chairman – Rev. Dr. Sr. Gigimol M.G.
  • Vice-Chairman – Prof. Pramod Joseph (PTA President)
  • Convenor – Ms. Cinnie Susan (Staff Secretary)
  • Joint-convenor – Kum. Anu Augustine (College Union Chairperson)
  • Members – Rev. Fr. Jose Joseph (Bursar)
    • Lt. Anu Jose (N.C.C. Co-ordinator)
    • Ms. Sonia Sebastian (NSS Co-ordinator)
Anti Alcoholic Army (AAA)

Anti-Alcoholic Army is a youth movement to create an awareness against the dangers of alcoholism and to motivate the students to fight against tendencies of addiction.
Directors : Rev.Fr. Jose Joseph (Dept. of English)
Ms. Cincila T. Joy (Dept. of Physics)

Anti - Harrassment Committee

The committee is constituted in accordance with the provisions of the sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act 2013.


  • Dr. Mini John (Co-ordinator)
  • Rev. Dr. Sr. Regeenamma Joseph
  • Ms. Swapna George
  • Ms. Teena James
Anti - Drug club

The club in constituted in accordance with the implementation of the NALSA ( Legal Service tot he victims of Drug Abuse & Eradication of Drug Menace) scheme 2015.


  • Rev.Dr. Shaji John
  • Rev. Dr. Sr. Regeenamma Joseph
  • Dr. Anila Thomas
Green Protocol Committee

A green protocol committee has been constituted in our college for preserving the greenary in the campus with the following members.


  • Dr. Teresa Joseph
  • Dr. Sr. Manju Elizabeth Kuruvila
  • Dr. Anila Thomas
  • Ms. Sonia Sebastian
  • Lt. Anu Jose
Electroal Literacy Club
  • Chairman : Rev. Dr. Sr. Gigimol M.G.
  • Vice Chairman : Rev. Dr. Shaji John
  • Convenor : Ms. Rubymol Philip
  • Members
    • Dr. Dani Mathew M.
    • Ms. Diana Elizabeth Jose
    • Kum. Anu Augustine
Faculty of Religion

The Faculty conducts weekly religion and moral instruction classes for the Christian and non-Christian students of all the classes. It also  organises retreats, seminars, orientation programmes, prayer meetings etc. both for the students and the teaching and non-teaching staff.


  • Rev. Dr. Shaji John
  • Dr. Sr. Sherly Joseph
Adventure Club


  • Rev.Dr.Shaji John
  • Rev. Dr.Sr.Jilly James
Alphonsa Welfare Cell (AZARA)


  • Dr. Mariamma Mathew
  • Ms. Poornima Baby
Arts Club
  • Staff Co-ordinators
    • Ms.Manju Jose
    • Ms.Annu Paul
  • Arts Club Secretary
    • Kum. Aneeta Joji
Career Club & Placement Cell


  • Ms. Rekha Mathew
  • Rev. Dr. Sr. Minimol Mathew
Encon Club


  • Dr. Maya George
  • Ms. Cincila T Joy
Documentation Cell


  • Ms. Manju Jose
  • Ms. Annu Paul
Womens' Cell

The Women’s cell of the college commenced with the intention of empowering and orienting women to make out their true potential and to assist them achieve self reliance competing world. Its mission is the holistic development of Alphonsians in all aspects of their life. Building awareness about important issues related to women and providing a medium for discussion and forethought on a range of issues from empowerment to environment is another aim of the Women’s Cell.

Women’s Cell Coordinators

  • Dr. Dani Mathew M
  • Ms. Teena James

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